“I think it’s going very well,” says Bob Bess

July 20, 2016:   by Char Mason, Editor

   It was a pleasant experience to observe Building Commissioner Rick Wagner, the newest member of the Grantwood Village Board of Trustees, as he easily stepped into the responsibilities of a Grantwood Village Board Trustee.  

   In just one month, Wagner seems to have made himself familiar with Village building codes, and administrative processes.

Throughout the July 19, 2016 meeting, he offered only thoughtful and pertinent questions and comments.

   Perhaps it was this “hit the ground running” impression that prompted former Building Commissioner Bob Bess to commend the board by saying, “I like what I see.”

  In the past, Bess has been a hardworking, outspoken board member not averse to telling another board member  “You’re not doing your job. Why don’t you just resign?”

   This time, Bess, who served the Village for five years, told the entire board, “ I think it’s going very well.”

   Kudos to Wagner for taking his appointment seriously and for doing his homework; and kudos to Bob Bess for saying so. It is refreshing to attend meeting where the entire board exhibits a spirit of cooperation and teamwork and makes the interests of the residents of Grantwood Village their predominant focus.


Letters to the Editor


Editor's Note

The following letter is published exactly as it was submitted.  Thank you, Christine, for your comments.
One of our neighbors just told us about the grantwoodvillage.info website; we had no idea it existed.  We are very familiar with grantwoodvillage.us as it is listed in newsletters, new resident pamphlet and resident contact booklet.  However,  Grantwoodvillage.info I don't see referenced nor do I see a link on the official website......which may be a good idea as it has more detailed information regarding what is current with The Village.  It also offers the link back to the official Grantwood website (.us). .
Yes, I am the "resentful new resident" as referred by your editor.  Though, that mention along with several additional are not quite authentic......
Larry and I moved into Grantwood Village early December 2013.  A couple if months ago, I contacted the board to ask why we (as residents) had never received various mailers, i.e. the outbuilding questionnaire, the Grantwood Farms/Zoo meeting, etc. - various neighbors said "they sent out notices about it....didn't you receive something in the mail?".  To which I responded a curious "No".   Now, we'd received a few newsletters but nothing else.  
Just after contacting the board regarding the oversight and presuming it corrected, Larry and I received a "New Resident" welcome packet in the mail.  Living here since 2013....I just giggled and chalked it up to a little board confusion or make-up mail just in case we had never received an initial packet.  A few weeks later the Grantwood Village Resident Contact booklet came in the mail with the previous owners (prior to 2013) listed instead of us.  Please know that "resentful" isn't an accurate description of my thinking....understanding of oversights, accepting, curious how this is still outstanding maybe.....but not at all resentful.
In regard to the Russian Olive topic in your meeting notes, Chris Boeger DID suggest an alternative to Village funds being used to replace the living Russian Olives the previous board had put in place.  He utilized some reasonable and specific numbers when estimating the cost to The Village to now remove and replace them over a five year period while still maintaining them during the transition.  Mr. Boeger then suggested that the condition of The Village's curbs and streets in Old Grantwood be seriously considered as residents' front yards are being destroyed by vendors/maintenance vehicles and cars using fronts of yards to drive on.  I added that the directional water drainage due to lack of curbs was not helping the situation and gushing rain water because of no curbs has left some residents with washed out beds and mulch, gullies, a caved retaining wall, and floods in basements and garages.  
As understanding as it is that we attentively respect the heritage of the trees in The Village, and yes we certainly should, it seems that the condition of our curbs throughout this neighborhood due to deferred maintenance is causing homeowner's expense and hardship, not to mention diminishing our market values.  If, as Mr. Kelso surmises, minimal deterioration has occurred since 2014 to the curbs, one would then assume the curbs have been in disarray for at least that amount of time.   Why so long with these conditions?  At what point in time do we ask that The Village seriously consider sharing in the cost for repairs and maintenance a resident incurs as a result, I asked?  There was no reply to this hypothetical quest.  
Finally, we as residents, are surely appreciative of the ongoing efforts of this board of trustees.  As a board member myself for several years where living previously, you are completely respected as representing many and many as a whole.
See you at future meetings!

Christine Mago

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