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Editor's Note:

by Char Mason, Editor

As all voters should know, the August primary is held for the purpose of selecting  those people who will represent us the four existing parties at the state and local level in the November genersal election.

This year, we can only say "Wow!" and apologize for not getting this information to you sooner, but, like many Americans, I have been caught up in the spectacle of the Presidential conventions.

The 2016 primary, in my opinion, just goes to show that literally anyone can run for public office.

Of the thousand and thousands of words needed to convey this information to you, fully 50% of it is ridiculous; and yet, it is necessary to give you a clear view of the primary.

For example: In my assessment, there are only three serious candidates in the race for United States Senator: Republican Roy Blunt, the incumbent; Democrat Jason Kander and Constitional candidate Fred Ryman.

St. Louisan Cori Bush has a lot of plans for the minority of voters, but not much in the way of supporting those who pay the bills.

While Republican Kisti Nichols has provided a great deal of opinion about what is wrong in Washington, she has not delivered a clear case for curing it, and she refuses to share clear personal information with us.

On the ridiculous side, we have Chief Wana Dubie who promises to smoke the Blunt... and a handful of others who like to see their names in print, but  have neither a platform or a backing.

Ballotpedia.org , VoteSmart.org and a lot of coffee
were indispensible in compiling this summary.

It may not take you long to decide which of your party's candidates makes the most sense, but, perhaps you would like to read the whole thing becasue, God knows we could all use a laugh.

  Don't forget to vote  

ROY BLUNT     (Incumbent)

Roy Dean Blunt (b. January 10, 1950, in Niangua, MO) is a Republican member of the U.S. Senate from Missouri.
He is the junior Senator from Missouri, in office since 2011. Blunt served as the United States Representative from Missouri's 7th congressional district from 1997 to 2011.  

He is the father of former Missouri Governor Matt Blunt, Andrew Blunt, Charlie Blunt, and Amy Blunt Mosby and he married to Abigail Perlman Blunt in 2003. At age 17 her married  Roseann Ray and was married to her for 36 years.

He graduated from  Southwest Baptist University and  Missouri State University.

The Republican front-runner, served as Congressional whip, the second-highest Republican in the House. He was first elected to the Senate in 2010, having won the election by a margin of 13.6 %.

THE ISSUES__________

Government Over-Reach

During his last campaign, Blunt vowed to rein in Washington spending and his voting record during the past six years supports that stance. He has introduced and co-sponsored a number of bills to reduce regulations and increase transparency and accountability in Washington.

Citizen Empowerment Act: Senator Blunt reintroduced the Citizen Empowerment Act to restore Americans’ trust in government by expanding current law to allow individuals to record conversations with executive agency employees.

He originally introduced the bill in 2013 after it was revealed that Internal Revenue Service (IRS) officials were targeting conservative organizations and other Americans.

ENFORCE the Law Act: Senator Blunt recently reintroduced the Executive Needs to Faithfully Observe and Respect Congressional Enactments of the Law (ENFORCE the Law) Act, which would put a procedure in place to permit Congress to authorize a lawsuit against the executive branch for failure to faithfully execute the laws. He reintroduced the bill following President Obama’s executive amnesty announcement.

REINS Act: Senator Blunt co-sponsored the Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act, which was introduced by U.S. Senator Rand Paul (Ky.) and would require Congress to approve every new major rule proposed by the executive branch with an annual economic impact of $100 million or more before the rule can be enforced on the American people.

Taxpayer Right To Know Act: He co-sponsored the bipartisan Taxpayer Right to Know Act, which was introduced by U.S. Senator Tom Coburn (Okla.) and was co-sponsored by more than 20 additional senators. The bipartisan bill would increase transparency in Washington by requiring agencies to provide taxpayers with an annual report card for each of its funded programs.

Family Values
 Blunt is pro-life and is opposed to same sex marriage.


The senator would repeal Obamacare in favor of a better plan. “The health care takeover is hurting families, seniors, and workers in Missouri by imposing higher premiums, reduced wages, and fewer options for patients seeking care.”

Defend and Protect America

Senator Blunt believes in “peace through strength.” He says the United States is an exceptional country and that the federal government’s number one responsibility is to protect the nation from enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Veteran's Issues

He “is grateful for the sacrifices our veterans have made to protect the American people. We owe our way of life, our safety, and our freedoms to the bravery and dedication of these American heroes.”

He supports forcing illegal immigrants to return to their country of origin before applying for American citizenship.


 Jobs and Opportunity

Blunt believes the top domestic priority should be growing more good-paying, full-time jobs for American workers. He supports an all-of-the-above energy policy to lessen dependence on foreign energy.

   In 2014, the Senate passed the bipartisan and bicameral Revitalize American Manufacturing and Innovation Act, which Senator Blunt got included as part of the appropriations omnibus bill. The passage of this bipartisan jobs bill is intended to boost manufacturing and create jobs.

“Every American deserves the opportunity to succeed,” he says. His pro-growth, pro-jobs agenda:

Tax Fairness & Certainty:
He supports allowing individuals to divert a portion of their Social Security taxes into personal retirement accounts?
Revive American Infrastructure:
Maintaining and improving our roads, bridges, and other transportation networks is crucial to the long-term viability of the nation’s economy.
Encourage International Travel: The Travel Promotion, Enhancement, and Modernization Act that Senator Blunt co-sponsored, reauthorized Brand USA, a public-private partnership that enhances tourism in Missouri and nationwide.
Because he has served in public office for 19 years, Blunt is sometimes criticized as a Washington insider. In fact, some Conservatives criticize him for getting along too well with Democrats, but, he explains, that ability has allowed him to enable the passage of legislation that could have stalled along party lines.
GovTrack.us, a non-profit Congressional monitoring concern not affiliated with the government. awarded Blunt its highest rating, calling him #1 out 100 U.S. Senators in Committee Positions, an important designation for a state ranks 18th in population.

   He was ranked 4th out of 100 for Writing Bi-Partisan Bills; 5th out of 100 for Bills Cosponsored, touting him as a senator with a great ability to advance policy goals; 5th in the ability to attract cosponsors; 5th in Votes Cast stating that he missed only 15 votes out of 339 in 2015.

   Despite serving his first term as a senator, he also earned a Leadership Score among the top 10% of senators.
   Blunt introduced two bills that became law in 2015. Very few bills ever become law. That accomplishment earned him the top spot among Republicans and second among all senators.
Blunts only low scores came for failure to sponsor any government transparency bills, and failing to introduce companion bills with members of the House of Representatives.
NumbersUSA, a conservative immigration news site, gave Blunt a 85% career performance rating. He earned mostly A’s and B’s but his score was betrayed by an F after he voted for the FY2016 Omnibus Spending bill to increase foreign guest workers.
The Conservative Review, possibly one of the most conservative publications in the country, gave Blunt a failing grade because they felt he was too liberal. They awarded him the Paper Elephant Award, given to members of Congress who offer strong rhetoric when the fight is over, but capitulate when the real fight is underway. They chided Blunt for his capitulation on the amnesty fight when he voted to pass the spending bill.
The annual funding bill included provisions for everything from assistance to rural households to military funding.
Dine was a 2012 Libertarian candidate who sought election to the U.S. Senate from Missouri. He lost in the general election but got 6.1% of the vote running against incumbent Democrat Claire MacCaskill and Republican Congressman Todd Akin.
THE ISSUES____________________
Personal Liberties & Freedom: The answer to America’s political problems is the same commitment to freedom that earned America its greatness: a dedication to civil liberties and personal freedom that marks this country above all others.
Job Creation & Economy: I believe our current career politicians have brought us to the brink of a fiscal disaster with their reckless tax, borrow and spend polices. I support balancing the budget in 2013 and I will vote NO to any legislation containing earmarks or where spending exceeds revenue.
Health Care: I am against any type of government run HealthCare. National health care means combining the efficiency of the postal service with the compassion of the I.R.S and the cost accounting of the Pentagon. I favor restoring and reviving a free market health care system.
Income Taxes: I believe that all Americans are entitled to keep the fruits of their labor. As your Senator I will call for the repeal of the federal income tax and the abolishment of the Internal Revenue Service.
2nd Amendment: I affirm the individual right recognized by the 2nd Amendment to keep and bear arms. I believe the only legitimate use of force is in defense of individual rights: life, liberty, and justly acquired property — against aggression

ON THE ISSUES____________

Gun Rights

She supports, and posseses, a gun carry permit. She is a strong advocate of the second amendment and  campus carry.

 Jobs, Economy & Taxes

She supports deregulating small business and getting failed government agencies out of the way of job creation.

“For too long, politicians and bureaucrats have tried to micromanage our economy with tens of thousands of pages of regulations, rules, laws, and mandates. The consequences, both intended and unintended, are less jobs, less prosperity and less opportunity.

 Instead of government roadblocks, we need pathways to success for individuals and employers of all sizes.”

She supports the Fair Tax that “provides simplistic taxes that everyone pays at the register and eliminates the IRS, letting every person take home their whole paycheck.”

“Securing our border is one of the most pressing issues for Missourians. That should be our first priority, not amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants.
“We must stop the flow of those entering illegally and ensure that the border is secured and our nation is protected against terrorists.”
Family Values
She is pro-life, pro-family and “pro-freedom’.



“The free market is the answer to quality health care. When insurance companies can compete across state borders without Washington politicians or scheming bureaucrats we will see a quality of health care that restores out trust and faith in the “American Way”. She believes:

•Government bureaucrats and insurance industry lobbyists are NOT doctors, they don’t put patients first

• When doctors and patients cut out the middle-men, healthcare is more affordable and far less complicated

• ObamaCare is a disaster for patients, doctors, and taxpayers, and must be  fully repealed in favor of free market solutions (open state borders, undue regulation and promote Health savings accounts)

States Rights
“ The tenth amendment is clear that any powers not delegated in the Constitution are left to the people and the states.”
Standing with Israel
 We must continue to stand with our Friend Israel.  Israel must be allowed to defend themselves from enemies who wish to destroy her.


 Currently serving as the Secretary of State of Missouri, 35 year old Jason Kander has launched an intense campaign against Senator Roy Blunt.
Kander is a former Army officer who served in Afghanistan as an intelligence officer  investigating groups and individuals suspected of corruption, espionage, drug trafficking, and facilitating Al Qaeda and the Taliban.
Kander, an attorney was a Political Science Instructor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. He earned his J.D. from Georgetown Law School and B.A in political science from American University.
Kander served two terms at the state level,  representing Missouri House District 44. He became Missouri Secretary of State in the 2012 after he narrowly defeated Shane Schoeller (R) in the general election on November 6, 2012 by only 1.5% of the vote.
He is on the Board of Directors of Coro Kansas City, founder of Heartland Democrats of America, and a member of the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association, Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys, Missouri State Bar Association, and New Reform Temple.

He earned a B.A. in Political Science, American University and a law degree from Georgetown Law School.


ON THE ISSUES____________



According to his website, Kander is currently working with Democrats and Republicans in the Missouri General Assembly on his legislation to reduce business fees to “the lowest in the nation” and eliminate unnecessary paperwork for family farms.

He launched #FergusonRebuild, a nonprofit initiative to raise private money to provide grants to businesses in Ferguson and the surrounding area after they were damaged or destroyed during civil unrest in 2014. The initiative has raised over $100,000.


While serving as Secretary of State, Kander says he cut his own budget by over $1 million, “while providing more services than the office ever has before.”

He says he also, “cut red tape and fees to help small businesses hire and thrive, protected our right to vote, and got tens of millions of dollars for Missouri taxpayers when he took on the Wall Street firms that helped cause the 2008 financial crisis.”

He also takes credit for leading “ the fight to clean up Missouri’s worst-in-the-nation campaign finance and ethics laws.”

Kander pushed through his “Startups for Soldiers Act”, which waived all business start-up fees for members of the National Guard and active duty military members returning to Missouri.
He created a first-of-its kind website for service members to request an absentee ballot online, shortening the process to as little as 48 hours and making Missouri the most convenient and secure military voting process in the country.
He has worked to support Missouri as a leader in military innovation and veteran support, and for Fort Leonard Wood in the Ozarks to be the site for an Army research trial on PTSD.
He started an initiative to make the state legislature more open and accessible to Missourians, www.TheMissouriChannel.com.  Missourians can now find archived audio files of floor debate from the Missouri Senate and House of Representatives.
Kander supports abortion rights and women’s rights and, as secretary of state, spearheaded legislation that expanded his office’s Safe at Home program to protect victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.
Kander is an advocate for campaign finance and ethics reform. He says, “Missouri has the most broken system in the entire country. Missouri is the only state in the entire country that allows lawmakers to receive unlimited personal gifts from lobbyists and unlimited campaign contributions from anyone.”
Secretary of State staff members are now prohibited from taking gifts from lobbyists.
Kander is opposed to voter photo ID laws which he says “disproportionately impact communities of color and low-income workers”.
 He supports “Ban the Box” proposals to decrease recidivism for convicts and help reduce the number of Black Americans who are incarcerated.
“Systems of racial bias and prejudice continue to adversely affect predominately Black communities in Missouri and across the nation,” according to Kander. He is committed to “breaking down barriers and advocating for policies that increase access to opportunity and foster equality as our Senator.”

Kander Criticized for Ambition

Anyone can change their mind, in fact that is the sign of a healthy mind, but in 2013 Kander told  the Missouri Times:

 “I ran for secretary of state because I want to be secretary of state. This is a great job and I hope people in a few years let me continue it. I’m doing everything I can to do this job as well as I possibly can.”.

The announcement grew out of speculation by members of the Missouri Democratic Party that he might pursue a campaign for attorney general in 2016, but Kander has said that he believes Senator Blunt is not as strong as people think, so at 35, he sees himself fit to run for what is, essentially, the highest office in the State of Missouri.

If elected, KIander would be the youngest U.S. Senator by four years.

No Stance on Sanctuary Cities

The Missouri Times reports that, despite repeated requests, Kander has not taken a stand on whether cities that violate federal law, by harboring illegal aliens, should be held accountable.

Questionable Raises

When Missouri was forced to cut over a billion dollars from the state budget, Kander was spent millions of taxpayer dollars in raises to his staff for three years (239 pay raises to 161 employees), according to the Democratic Missouri State Auditor, Nicole Galloway.
In nearly 75% of the examples reviewed by auditors, documentation supporting the raises was missing, inadequate, or contradicted by the verbal explanations provided by office personnel.
In response to a Sunshine request for more information, Kander’s office refused to provide information detailing the raises, despite the fact that Missouri law requires state employee salary information to be public.
Stephanie Fleming, a spokeperson for the office, said, the office was reorganized and that raises were given to employees with added duties, most under $40,000 per year. She said the move saved $200,000, and that the office's latest budget submission is the lowest since 1998.
In general, Missouri government salaries are among the lowest in the country.
Kander served as the 44th District Rep. of the Missouri House of Representatives from 2009-2013. During that time he served on the following committees:
  • Appropriations - Transportation and Economic Development
  • Downsizing State Government
  • Judiciary
  • :Homeland Security
  • Budget
  • Joint Committee on Life Science


Fred Ryman grew up on the South Texas coast where his first job was as a mechanic at age 14.  At age 24, he and his father started a small vending-type business, which he continued operating for about 10 years while putting himself through college. 
Ryman  graduated with highest honors (summa cum laude) with a B.S. in Mathematics from Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi.
He was a high school math and computer science teacher as well as a varsity soccer coach for several years, before returning to college a second time, maintaining a 4.0 GPA, earning his second degree, a B.A. in Theology from Howard Payne.
For about 10 years, he served as a pastor, nearly six of those years in Baxter Springs (near Joplin).
He left the ministry in 2008 and joined the cast of  “Noah: the Musical” at Sight & Sound Theater in Branson as a singer/actor.
Ryman moved to Jefferson City in 2009 as a trainer for the State of Missouri, teaching leadership, communication, organization, ethics, delegation and negotiation throughout the state of Missouri. He is currently an assistant manager for a major furniture store in Columbia, MO.

THE ISSUES_______________________

The following issues are listed on Ryman's campaign website. For a full list of campaign themes, click here.
   TaReform and the 16th Amendment: His decentralized Tax Plan would abolish all direct taxation by the federal government (such as income tax) on every US citicitizen and on every corporation that is wholly-owned by US citizens thrthrough a partial constitutional repeal of the 16th Amendment
Illegal Immigration and Immigration Reform:
The he simple departure of illegal immigrants would be a wasted opportunity.  We should not just send these immigrants “away”.  We should, instead, send them "forth" as ambassadors for the American dream! 
We should offer these people the training and opportunity to make a difference back in their home countries.  By preparing them to become successful in business and political activism in their home country, we can help them transform their own homelands into more free and prosperous countries, which will also tend to stem the tide of immigration at its source.
Under no circumstances, however, should there be any path to citizenship other than their return to their home country and the normal immigration and citizenship process.
States' Rights and the 17th Amendment:
 I support the repeal of the 17th Amendment which allowed U.S. Senators to be elected by popular vote rather than by the State legislature.
The problem is that our founding fathers had intended the Senate to be a voice for the State, itself...not just another voice for the people.  States have interests that extend beyond what most individual voters might concern themselves with.
The duty of U.S. Senators, as much as anything, is to be a check on the power of the federal government.  Their job is to say "No" when the federal government decides to overstep and usurp the rights which are reserved to the states.
If Senators were more answerable to their states’ governments, then they would fight for their states’ interests rather than pander to the electorate and be bought by campaign contributions and special interests.
Terrorism and Militant Islamic Jihad:
 I must break my own rule and say, "I have a plan. It is a sound military plan that will effectually end the ability of ISIS to function in fairly short order."
In a Pew poll positively cited by an MSNBC in the Fall of 2015, American Muslims were surveyed - 81% said that suicide bombings were not acceptable and about that same percentage denounced the Militant Islamic Jihadist movement.
That sounds like a very positive sign until you consider that 19% of these fellow Americans were unwilling to denounce Jihadists and suicide bombings. This comes to over one million American Muslims who are "open" to the notion of using barbaric methods to attack innocent fellow Americans.
Gun Control and the 2nd Amendment:. The founding fathers saw fit to enumerate many of these rights in our Constitution and the Bill of Rights to ensure that we, the people, understood them to be rights that could not be taken away by any tyrant, foreign or domestic.
Federalist Paper #46 stressed the logic that a fully-armed militia (which, in our founding fathers’ eyes included EVERY able-bodied man of age) would be an overwhelming force against any national army, including our own.
I could support instant background checks to ensure guns are not sold to felons.
If our President actually believes that a gun-free zone provides the safest possible environment, then I would invite him to remove guns from every guard, and every Secret Service agent in or near the White House.
Environmental Issues and Global Warming
We must continue to demand that both, industry and individuals assume responsibility (both, financially & criminally) for harm they cause to various ecosystems.  Having said this, those holding to the so-called near-consensus opinion regarding the long-term effects of man-made global warming have crossed the line of intellectual honesty into the territory of international conspiracy and political correctness.
While the media and various politicians attempt to stifle any dissenting discussion of climate change and would have us believe that the matter is a proven fact within the scientific community, their dogmatism does not make it so.
When other developed nations and the developing world meet the standards the we already exceed as regards climate change and environmental responsibility, then and ONLY THEN we can move forward in leading further change, but we will not cripple the United States’ economy under the deception that only our sacrifice will save the world, despite the abuses of other nations.
The National Debt and Government Spending
When there's not enough money to go around, we must meet our needs and our wants must be laid aside for a time.
Instead of ZERO-based budgeting, Congress uses continuing funding with false language.  A "cut" is not a cut at all, but only a lessening of the increase.  A ZERO-based budget begins at $0 and insists that any spending must be justified.  But Washington rightly judges that zero-based budgeting is "too hard".  It IS hard, and it SHOULD BE hard to justify taking hard-earned money out of the pockets of the American tax-payer.
 If I am elected, I will vote "NO" for every budget that spends more than the incoming revenue!  
I will vote "NO" on every budget that includes grants to private individuals or organizations.  I will vote "NO" on every budget that includes research grants, unless those recipients forfeit the rights of patent.  No patent should ever be granted to any person or company when the public is already funding that research.  You can obtain funding or you can receive patents; you should never receive both.
A sign will hang on my door for all special interest lobbyists to see as they enter, "The public feeding trough is hereby closed!"
National Identity ...and...Subversion From Within
Slavery is surely the greatest stain upon our American heritage.  The very notion of one man owning another in the nation that would hold itself out as a beacon of freedom, a singular shining light upon the earth, proclaiming the God-given rights of the unquenchable human spirit, (is absurd).
The best slaves are the slaves that don’t even know they are slaves.    We have lost our way as a free nation. Modern slavery is a “soft” slavery, an economic slavery:
The modern-day masters don’t need to put chains on our ankles in order to shackle our hopes and dreams.
America is at the edge…  If we listen to the two parties and continue to cower under the fear mongering of the politically elite, who play the role of our masters, then we deserve to continue in our slavery…we deserve to continue losing ground…we deserve to LOSE our nation…
NOW is the time to say “NO MORE”. 
The Economy 
48% of all jobs in America are part-time jobs.  Let that sink in...nearly half of all jobs carry no benefits, no health care, no vacation time...
And... It becomes easier to see how our middle class is dwindling away.
The answer is to untether the American people to compete in the marketplace, to empower them to create and grow new businesses...  Indeed, if our government "must" favor any business over another, it is small businesses that should be favored.  Small business provides more jobs, more competition, and more diversity in the marketplace.
Trade Imbalance
Our leaders have done a terrible job of negotiating trade deals, but the "why" is the problem.  Their "global citizen" world-view hamstrings their ability (or desire) to negotiate in good faith for our nation.
Our marketplace is the strength of our negotiating position.  Other nations need access to our marketplace far worse than we need access to their products...or to their markets.  If we use tariffs and other nations do engage in a trade war, I am fairly certain that our nation will prove self-sustaining and will provide sufficient products to our own people.  Their economies, on the other hand, would collapse in short order.  Either the trade imbalance must end or the free trade must end...one or the other...and, maybe, both!
Fair Wages and the Income Gap
We have to recognize that economic slavery is being imposed upon us, incrementally.  At some point, we must recognize that our nation is in trouble.  At some point, we must recognize that this is not a partisan issue, not a union issue, not a trade issue, not an immigration issue...it is a moral issue.  At some point, we must awaken to the immorality of the oppression of our labor force by the forces of big government and big business.
Proportional Wage Control:
My Proportional Wage Control formula does not control how little the lowest paid unskilled worker in a company might earn, nor does it control how much the CEO might earn.  It does, however, link the wages of that highest paid employee to the wages of the lowest paid employee and to the wages of the median wage earner.  This formula takes into account the size of the company and the number of hours worked by employees, whether they be part-time or full-time, seasonal or year-round.
The bottom line is that this formula allows free market forces to impact any company's pay scale, while restricting the degree to which a company can oppress its labor force.  This plan would also prove to be extremely beneficial toward small businesses, allowing them to be far more competitive against big business.
Affordable Health Care
I would prefer that all insurance be abandoned in favor of non-profit health cooperatives with restricted administrative costs.  The point of insurance is to spread the risk and sudden cost of major health issues across many other people to lessen the financial impact and still enable care to be provided.  There's no reason that we should also have to line the pockets of insurance companies and their stock-holders.
Eminent Domain
Eminent Domain was intended ONLY to allow government entities to build PUBLIC buildings, and PUBLIC roads, and PUBLIC parks, etc. that would benefit all and profit no one.  If Eminent Domain can be used to take away property from one individual or group so that it can be given to some other individual or group for them to use for their own profit, then there no longer remains any such thing as private property.
Congress must act to clarify this point for the Supreme Court. 
Campaign Finance Reform and Ballot Access
As much as anyone, I detest the notion that elections can be virtually purchased.  However, contributing to the political candidate of your choice is an expression of free speech and a right of association.  Frankly, I'm not sure that even the current financial restrictions can constitutionally be applied to political campaigns.  
One thing is for certain...  Without extraordinary circumstances, a government that is truly "of the people" is most certainly a thing of the past, which endangers the concept of a government that is "for the people".
 It is in the fervor of competition that new ideas can be introduced and hashed out.  If we are going to restrict many ballots to only 2 or 3 choices, then why not reduce to just one choice as most other tyrants do?  ...unless it is for the illusion of "choice".
Abortion, Planned Parenthood, and Fetal Tissue Harvesting
We are seeing a new Dark Ages, a new barbarism spread by those who view themselves as enlightened.  Yet, it is these very individuals who ignore science, appealing to emotionalism in defense of the abortion industry and, make no mistake, it is an industry...one that has crossed serious ethical and constitutional boundaries.
The unborn child, though parasitic in nature during its fetal stage, is clearly a separate and distinct organism.  It is a being.
So, why is abortion wrong, if it is wrong?   There is only one reason for us to oppose abortion as being wrong.  It is murder! 
Planned Parenthood: 
It is stunning and dumbfounding to me that Liberals support the death of innocent unborn children and decry the death penalty for those who are guilty of horrific crimes.
Such a “worthy” organization should have no need to feed at the public trough, taking the hard-earned money of Americans, forcing them to financially support activities that they find to be abhorrent and that are devastating to their sincere moral conscience.

                                                                     LIBERTARIAN CANDIDATES    


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