Grantwood Village, Missouri

 is located on just .8 square miles of land just north of Gravois Road (Highway 30) and west of Laclede Station Road in St Louis County, Missouri.

The satellite map  illustrates what makes Grantwood Village special. This is an untouched satellite image. Notice how the left side of the image (Grantwood) is dark green. Unlike surrounding areas, centuries old trees and have not been cut and lush gardens abound.

Grantwood Village, Missouri
Location of Grantwood Village, Missouri
Location of Grantwood Village, Missouri
Coordinates: 38°33′18″N 90°20′56″W/38.555,90.3488

According to St. Louis County's  Fact Book the county covers an area of 524 square miles and had a 2000 Census population of 1,016,300. The County is an integral part of the St. Louis Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), which was redefined in June 2003 to consist of eight counties in Missouri and eight counties in Illinois. St. Louis County’s population in the year 2000 comprised 36 percent of the  bi-state metropolitan area’s population of 2,778,518.

   St. Louis County is also the largest county in Missouri and contains 17 percent of the state’s population. The County’s employment contribution is even greater: Nearly half (48 percent) of the metropolitan area’s jobs are in St. Louis County, as are nearly a quarter (23 %) of the jobs in Missouri.

St. Louis County’s 91 municipalities have primary responsibility within their jurisdictions for such services as public safety, planning and zoning, local street maintenance and building code enforcement. The unincorporated area, which contains nearly a third of the County’s population and a third of its area, comes under the direct jurisdiction of County government.


  The tiny municipality is one of the wealthiest in the county and is steeped in history, not only related to President Ulysses Grant, but to other familiar names.

Local map readers will recognize  names like John Fenton Long, (after which Long School is named) son of Mary Sappington.
The Sappingtons  built the original White Haven home. Long's grandfather was Captain John Long, a Revolutionary War veteran and early resident of St. Louis. Long was born on the  historic farm.

St. Louis County Council District 5

 is represented by

Patrick "Pat"  Dolan (Democrat)

Pat Dolan is serving his first term representing the St. Louis County citizens of the 5th Council District. He was elected to a four-year term in 2010.

Contact Information

Please include your full name in all correspondence with this office (including email).
Phone: (314) 615-5441  and Fax: (314) 615-7890
Office: Administration Building, 41 South Central, Clayton (1st Floor)
Mail: 41 South Central Avenue, Clayton, MO 63105

Send Pat your Comments or Questions

Pat Dolan's Staff

Phone:             (314) 615-5434
Executive Assistant:     Eric Fey

Committee Membership

Committee of the Whole
Justice, Health, and Welfare
Public Improvements

Map of District 5
              Grantwood Village            
      is proud to be home to         


The Farm is home to more than 1,000 animals representing more than 100 different species from six continents. Grant's Farm, operated by Anheuser-Busch, Inc., has been a St. Louis tradition for over five decades.
   More than 24 million guests have visited this popular family attraction during its history. The farm was once the home of the Anheuser Busch family and is now a public attraction. In addition to being the home of the world famous

It is a haven for exotic animals from throughout the world. The Brauerhoff offers samples of Anheuser Busch products as well as an extensive snack bar and ex- pansive patio.
   For more information visit the link below. Detailed information about the farm and what a visitor can expect to see is available from both of these websites.

Once the home of Ulysses Grant and his wife, Julia Dent, for whom a street in the town is named, the site is now a public attraction maintained and operated by the National Parks Department.

President Ulysses S. Grant
once roamed the acreage that is
now Grantwood Village.

a popular walking and biking trail, runs through the village and is used daily by hun- dreds of outdoor enthusiasts.
Save Grants Farm

The Busch family has indicated an interest in  having Grant's Farm designated as part of the National Park System.  If you would like to know how to help with that process or just like to stay informaed about the progress of the committee, visit

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